We all know about the most famous game in gaming history, Minecraft. This game is one of the most played and popular games. It was only available for computers, but a mobile version called (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition has also been introduced.

This article has interesting information about this game version of Minecraft. We also have shared the process of installing this game on your mobile device at the end. So keep reading the article to play this amazing game on your mobile device.

What is MCPE?


The MCPE is the exact copy of the original Minecraft game. It was first available for only Android and IOS, but now you can also install this version on other devices like Windows phones, amazon tablets, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, etc.

If you are a Minecraft fan but cannot play it on your desktop or PC, Minecraft PE is the best option. The gameplay on the mobile will be exactly as on the PC you can make 3D structures and buildings with amazing graphic quality.

The Features of MCPE

The features of this mobile version of Minecraft are the same as the PC version. Even some new features weren’t available in the original one. Below, we have shared some fantastic (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition features.

  • The game is completely 3D.all the buildings and structures you made and in 3D.
  • The game has very high graphics. You can also select the graphic quality according to your mobile.
  • The 3D background music makes the gameplay realistic and more exciting.
  • All the modes, like survival mode and story mode, are available in the (MCPE) MineCraft Pocket Edition.
  • The game is entirely free to download and install on your device.
  • This Apk is completely safe for your mobile device. There is no virus or bugs in the game.
  • The controls in Minecraft PE are easy with swap and click mode.
  • You can play with your friend even if they are playing on a PC or any other device.
  • All the original features like combating, exploration, crafting, building, and gathering resources are available in Minecraft PE.


The MCPE Apk is highly beneficial for the users. They don’t need to download any emulator or a third-party app to run the game. Instead, they can start playing the game by downloading Minecraft PE Apk.

You can download this Apk file from many websites online. A download link is also mentioned on this website. Download the game file from that link or any other trusted website and install it on your mobile. The Apk file is entirely safe and bug-free.

        MCPE Mods

        The mod version of games is very beneficial. It has many features that are not available in the original gameplay. (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition also has a different mode version, which is far more fun to play than the original games.

        The MCPE mods remove all restrictions from the game. All the features, tools, and characters are unlocked. And you can play the game to its full potential. Some famous Minecraft PE mods are listed below:

        • Mo` Creation
        • IndustrialCraft
        • Minecraft Comes Alive
        • Xaero’s World Map
        • Optifine

              MCPE Maps

              The Minecraft PE game also has various maps in which players can play freely. The maps are completely free to load and play with. These maps have different visuals, missions and gameplay. Some available maps from the (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition are listed below.

              • Warship
              • The Insane Parkour
              • Virus Lucky Block
              • Trouble in Mineville
              • Modern House
              • The Zombie Apocalypse

                    MCPE Texture

                    The texture pack of MPCE changes the visuals of the game. You can change the look of blocks, all the items, and also the menu in the game. You can select whether you want the game to be realistic or animated with eth help of MCPE texture.

                    Some of the trendy Minecraft PE textures are listed below:

                    • Faithful
                    • Ozocraft
                    • Paper Cutout
                    • Realistic
                    • Soartex Fanver

                    MCPE Shaders

                    The gaming experience gets even better when the visuals and graphics are beautiful. In Minecraft, game shaders enhance the visual graphics o the game. Especially when you are playing realistic maps, you will need the MCPE shaders.

                    You should select the shaders based on your mobile device. Some Minecraft PE shaders are high in size and require great-performance devices. Some famous Minecraft PE shaders are listed below:

                    • BSL Shaders
                    • Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders
                    • Emil’s Shaders
                    • Project Luma Shaders
                    • RTX Shaders

                          How to Install (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition?

                          We have explained the complete process of installing Minecraft PE on your mobile device. The process is safe and simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below to avoid any mistakes.

                          • First, you need to open the settings on your mobile phone.
                          • Then in, the security option allows the installation from unknown sources.
                          • This is completely safe and doesn’t harm your device in any way.
                          • Now download Minecraft PE. You can use the link mentioned on this site.
                          • Once the download is complete, go to your file manager and look for the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK.
                          • Install the Apk, and the game will start running on your device.

                          FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

                          The (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition is completely free to download and install. You can get the Apk file from many websites. Download the game file from a trusted and install it on your device.

                          Minecraft was first only available on PC. But Minecraft PE can be played on all of the mobile devices. You can successfully install and play these games on Windows phones, amazon tablets, and many more.

                          Yes, Minecraft is available to play on PC. In fact, this game was initially only available for computers and laptops. With the MCPE, you can also play Minecraft on your mobile devices.

                          winding up

                          Video games are the best way to entertain yourself. With (MCPE) Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can easily play your favorite Minecraft game on your mobile for free. You can also play the mods of Minecraft, which are also very amazing. Ensure that the site you use to download the Apk file is trusted and safe.