Best keyword research tool for blogging (2024)

From the 20s on, the internet has become a necessary tool for people, containing lots of information and being easy to access, which makes people attract to it. So as the internet grows, it provides lots of opportunity to people. It is so flexible that anyone can make a carrier at any age and at any time. And blogging is one of them. A lot of people share there ideas and experiences on the internet. So that an individual can gain information from the internet.

What is Keyword research?

It takes lots of research and hard work to be dependent on the blogging field. It contains SEO optimization, a good knowledge of web design, choosing the right hosting, a strong volume domain, and much more, and amongst them, the research tool is one of them. This is the most important part of blogging. It provides you with information about a particular input. You will be provided the volume, competition, difficulty like data.

Keyword research tool

The correct tool will simplify your work; it will make it very easy to find the right result to target and rank. This tool provides you with all the data about the particular word you are looking for to rank it. This tool work by typing a main word or phrase, and then it will generate a list of numbers related to that word with there search volume, cpc, ranking, Trend, competition, etc.

Properties of a good keyword research tool

There are many tools available on the internet, but very few are usable and provide you with the proper data you are looking for. So you can choose the perfect tool by looking at the following data:

A design research tool will show you these matrixes:

1. Keyword Difficulty

This matrix will show you a meter where it ranks out of 10 and how much it is difficult to rank the word, whether 1 is easy to rank and 10 is difficult to score.

2. CPC(Cost per Click)

This feature will show you the pricing model used in online advertising like Google AdSense,

3. Search Volume

In this section, you will find out the volume of a particular word, which shows the approximate number of times a word or phrase is searched on the search engine per month. This data will give you an idea of the potential traffic of a “word” or phrase.

4. Keyword oppurtunity

This data will give you an idea of the potential traffic of a “word” also help to determine the intent of keyword and how much required content to rank in this particular keyword.

Keyword Difficulty: How Hard it Will Be to Rank

This data gives you an estimate of how challenging it is for a particular word to rank in the search engine. The difficulty score is categorized into four categories:

Low: If the searched word falls into this category, then it will be very easy to rank under that word because the difficulty is low, which means very few blog posts are available on the internet related to that word.

Medium: The medium category indicates that some of the blogs are on the internet, but you can compete with them by providing additional information.

High: This category will make your work a bit difficult; it indicates that the word that you are looking for to rank has a lot of content on other websites. But if you put effort into consistently promoting your blog content, then you can expect to see the results in your favour.

Very High: You should change the “word” if it falls under this section. It will be very difficult to rank if it falls very high. Extremely well-established websites had the bolg post and it is very difficult to work on it.

We have researched the top most tool for your websites lets checkout them

  1. Google trends

Google trends it one of the free tool, which allow you to find the trending topic going in the particular region with its volume. The data is so accurate because google search engine provide its own data, also it provide you the real-time data. Just go to Google and type Google Trend, click on the first result, and you can explore this tool without spending any money.

  1. Keyword Magic tool

This tool is provided by Semrush, an American public company that was established in 2008 and has thousands of employees who work for it. This website had a large amount of data for the research, and this magic tool is one of them; it has approximately 24 billion keywords across 142 international databases.

  1. Keyword Overview

It is another tool provided by Semrush; this tool will give you an idea of the approach to your researched word. This tool contain three main sections The first one will let you go through the matrices, such as

Intend: The purpose behind the spelling of the particular word.

Volume: The approximate numbers of searches in a particular month.

Keyword Difficulty: An estimation of the word and how hard it is to rank on the search engine in the top 10 organic results.

The second section will give you an overview of the approach to the related word searched, including keyword variations and related results. You can click on the result to see the strength of all the information about that word.

Now moving to the third section, it will give you the data of a specific location—the selected region, city, or country.

Note: All features are very much needed for the SEO of your blog or ads, so you have to spend some of the money to get them.

  1. Ahrefs

It is a very popular and demanding tool for research. It gives you deep information about your input. a very well-reputed company that will provide you with a huge range of data in a very simple layout. Including the volume, difficulty, region-specific searches, number of backlinks, website authority, and much more, and definitely charging for it, if you get the premium SEO feature to optimize your website.

  1. SECockpit

A very advanced tool for research on the internet. Like other research tools, it will provide suggestions. But it can do much more than display the list of related inputs.  It can give you a low-competition word. It will show you the minimum CPC in AdWords. All other research tools show you the information of the only search engine, but this will cover the data of very popular sites like YouTube, eBay, and Amazon.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool contains similar features as other research tools, as we know Google has itself huge and accurate data. So this will make this tool more trustworthy, as you get straight information from Google. The top-page bid report provides you with the features of other research tools, as we know Google has itself huge and accurate data. So this will make this tool more trustworthy, as you get straight information from Google.

  1. KW finder: A powerful research tool widely used for search engine optimization. It will inform you of high-performing keywords, competitiveness, search volume, and long-tail word ideas. All you need to do is enter the key phrase, and it will show you how many people searched for it on the search engine at a specific time. A variety of other statistics will be given in this tool.

*Bonus: if you wanna make easy in keyword research then keyword everywhere tool is perfect for every blogger and researchers, there are lot of functions available. its make less time consume and shows all data in the google search below like – volume, cpc, trends, chart, related keywords, long term keywords, new keywords and etc.

Key features of KW finder:

  • Allow you to find the word in any language
  • You can choose the powerful suggestion of you input.
  • A unique and very easy to explore the tool.
  • Provide you filter to refine the list of the input.


So, in brief, this tool will let you know the information about your input. In the beginning of the internet era, you don’t need to require such a tool or do research. Because very limited amounts of data are available on the internet, there is no competition to rank your website. But as time passed, the number of bloggers increased, and competition rose. That’s why today this tool plays a very important role in ranking your websites.


Yes, you can use the SECockpit tool & keyword everywhere; it includes Amazon and eBay data and will help you grow on the shopping website.

You can change the location of the data information, and it depends on the data. If the volume of the input is greater at a specific location, you should go through that location as it will increase your potential.

The keyword tools cost money to operate. As the operator has to do a lot of research to provide you with the date of the input, the popular research tool requires a certain amount to access the information.

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