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Watching the latest and favourite movies is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. Today, much platform allows you to watch movies online by buying a subscription, but there are many ways to watch the latest movies online or you can download them without paying any amount. So in this article, we will discuss one of the methods by which you can download the top quality of the latest movies on your smartphone or PC.

What is a Telegram channel?

channels are a tool for broadcasting messages and files to a large audience on the messenger app. It is a unique method to reach a wide range of people. You can send directly to the public any notification, message, or file. The channel is used for education, business, and entertainment purposes. Many advertisements are also done by the channel to increase the reach of the products.

Telegram movie channel

As we have discussed above the channel how can reach a wide range of people. it is a messenger like WhatsApp but WhatsApp cannot send small files while this messenger allows you to share big files through Messenger.

A movie channel is a type of channel where a number of movies are shared to a particular channel, by which people can watch, and download the movie to their device through the messenger.

Why is it recommended to download movies from Telegram?

There are many ways to watch the latest movies but, you have to pay some money to access them, also some free websites are made to download movies but most of them are get blocked because piracy is not legal, but from the channel, you can download movies at any time without any trouble by just a single click.

How to download movies from Telegram?

  1. There is a very simple step to download any movie from the channel,
  1. first, you need to download the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  2. After download and installation type the name of the channel, tap on the appeared option, and click to join.
  1. Now on that channel, many movies have been shared publically.
  1. if you want to search for any specific movie then tap on the three dots on the right corner of your screen tap to search, and type your movie name you will find the result.
  1. now after finding the link also provided to download it just click to download on your device.
  1. Note: You should have the right channel to download the movies, if you don’t know about the movies channel then don’t worry we shared numbers of working channels to download movies.

Top Telegram Movie Channels(Working)

If you simply time a random movie channel name you will find many results but not all are working. Most of them are fake, some of them just provide fake and expired links, and some of them just redirect their websites and then there you have nothing, so to download the movies, you should know the right movie channel. But you should not be tense, we shared several channels for free and all of them are working.

22+ Active Telegram Channels For Movies

The proper knowledge of the right channel is important on the channel, so we have shared some of the channels that allow you to watch and download movies on your device.

1.TelegramGuru Movies
2.Marvel Movies
3.Movies Series Channel
4.Netflix Filme Factory
5.NetFlix English Web Series
6.Amazon Prime HD
7.Bollywood Web Series
8.Cinema Company (Malyalam)
9.Movies Now Channel
10.MXPlayer Official
11.Movies Stream
12.Movies Series Channel

Hindi dubbed movie telegram channel

1.Mr Robot Hindi
2.Movie ki mahfil
3.Netflix Romantic Action Movies
4.Cinema Hub
5.Netflix Movies Web Series Hindi

Tamil movie telegram channel

  1. Tamil HD Movies (
  2. New Released HD Movies – Tamil (
  3. Hollywood Tamil Dubbed Movies (
  4. TM (Tamil Movies) Official Channel (

NETFLIX movie telegram channel

  1. Netflix Series Online (
  3. Movie Series (
  4. Netflix web series hub (
  5. Netflix movies series (

WEB SERIES movie telegram channel

  1. Vegamovies Channel (
  2. web series Netflix (
  3. Netflix Web Series (
  5. Netflix Movies Hindi Web Series (


It is a messenger platform where you can message others, and its unique feature is to create and access channels that provide files for a wide range of the public. Many channels are made for sharing TV series, movies, game files, and much more. note: Piracy is illegal use these channels at your own risk.


Yes just visit the website of the messenger, log in to your account and do the same as the app.

Yes you can share with anyone because there is no data limitation on this message

Yes, you don’t need to pay any amount to join and download the movies.

Piracy is illegal but you do not own the channel so you don’t need to panic.

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